Oscababo stamp Island Views


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It is a series of stamps with the texture of the weather and the shape of the natural motif.
The island becomes a lake and the sparrow becomes a lake.

When making a picture of a bamboo, it was drawn with a colored pencil and a watercolor paint, and it was devised to express the stroke of the color pencil and the stain of the watercolor paint.
The craftsman's feelings are felt.

About 24 x 36 x 62 mm
Material: Rubber (stamp), wood

About 24 x 36 x 62 mm
Material: Rubber (stamp), wood

About ocorabo
Ocorabo (ocohabbo) is a laboratory (collaboration) of ochoya Co., Ltd.
There is also the meaning that the cobra is "pushing" and the new work is produced by collaboration.
It is not completed by pushing, but the idea and the idea of the person who got the hand is added, and the thing that has not been before is produced in this world...
I want to offer the hint and the material which can become the material.
Based on the new technology and tradition of the new year, ocobobo repeats various experiments and continues to search every day.

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