OSCOLABO x Gute Gouter collaboration Stamp "Circle of Life"


Gute Gouter's own design stamp set filled with a message full of light and hope from the natural world full of vitality . A treasure chest filled with kindness, love, and strength.

Depending on the combination of designs, you can enjoy it in any number of ways. Size - Ring of life

36 x 36 mm -Wreath
24 x 36 mm -Deer antler
12 x 24 mm -Laurel
12 x 12 mm -Glitter
12 x 12 mm -Crystal
12 x 12 mm -Sunbeams

Package size Approx. Length 55 x Width 78 x Height 69 mm Material: Rubber (stamp), wood, sticker (case)

--- About OSCOLABO
OSCOLABO is a Hankoya Co., Ltd. founded in 1918. It is a laboratory (laboratry). Oscolab also means to "push" a stamp and create something new through its collaboration. Not to complete by pressing, subjected to any action that devised the idea of the person who has been in the hands of the stamp, what was not in until now ... that will be created in this world the it can become the tips and materials Hanko I want to provide it. Based on not only newness but also long-established technology and tradition, Oscollabo repeats various experiments and continues to explore every day. If you use ink that can be used for cloth products, the usage will be further expanded ♪

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