OSCOLABO Stamp Kumiyaki Hanigiri Yama


OSCOLABO Oscolab stamp
Kumiyatsu Hanko

[Hana occasionally, Thursday]
Let's draw a natural landscape with minimal materials.
Flowers become trees, trunks, and flower core become petals and leaves ...
You can also draw Sakura, plums and leasing.

[Onigiri occasionally, forest]
When making a stamp pattern, it was described using colored pencils and watercolor paints, and it was designed to express the shade of the colored pencil and the bleeding of watercolor paints.
You can feel the craftsman's commitment.
Make a simple ingredient and make a shiso, sesame, vegetables and your favorite rice balls.
If you think it's a rice ball, it's strange, a forest with colorful fruits.

[Yama occasionally, Umi]
Let's draw a natural landscape with a simple material.
The fluttering is waves on Yamaga Island, Kumaga Lake.
Enjoy the world that spreads indefinitely in imagination♪

Packaging size (common)

About Oscolabo
OSCOLABO is a laboratory of Hankoya Co., Ltd. (LABORATRY = Lab) in Hankoya Co., Ltd. in 1923.
Oscollab also means "pushing" a stamp and a collaborative work (collaboration) to create something new.
Instead of being completed by pressing, the ideas and ingenuity of the person who got the stamp are added, and what never before is created in this world ...
I want to provide a stamp that can be the hint and material.
In addition to the newness, the Oscorab will repeat various experiments and continue to explore every day based on long -established technology and tradition.

If you use the ink that can be used for cloth products, the application will be even expanded.♪
* Package design is subject to change without notice.

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This is a nice estamp to pit in cards, decorate letters and really anything you want, can be a little tree or a little oniguiri!

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