Poke Ori Kit Kawaguchi


This is a kit that includes a poke cage body and a play thread.
You can enjoy it immediately after purchasing. Perfect as a gift!

You can make 1-2 woven items approximately 3cm wide x 5cm high using play thread.
*The number of items to be made will vary depending on the weaving method.

The loom body and comb are made of 51% scallop shells.
The needle is made of strong paper. Both can be disposed of as combustible waste.

Easy 2-step process
STEP 1 / Thread the warp
STEP 2 / Passing the weft thread
(Put the thread down with a comb after each row)

set content
・Weaving machine (size width 6.4 x height 7.5cm)
・Play thread

15-423 pink
15-524 Blue
15-425 Yellow
15-440 Fluorescent pink
15-441 Fluorescent blue
15-442 Fluorescent yellow

Materials: Weaving machine body/comb/scallop shell, polypropylene Needle/paper
Package size: W110xH170xD10mm
made in Japan

Thread/cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, etc.
Weight approx. 23g
*The threads of each color are assorted to match the color image, so they may differ from the image.
*The weight and package thickness may vary slightly depending on the type of thread.

<Fluorescent pink, fluorescent blue, fluorescent yellow>
Thread/generated yarn 100% cotton, other 100% acrylic
Weight approx. 20g

*Package design may change without notice.

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