cohana コハナ貝釦のお花のプッシュピン いろどり


The glossy luster and unique brilliance of the rainbow color are attractive. The motif of flowers cut from "Akoya shellfish", which is known as a shell that grows pearls, and delicate golden needles made in Hiroshima, the production area of needles, are combined to make a pushpin.
When you stick it on a corkboard or wall, it is as lovely as if a flower has bloomed.
It sticks as if it floated from the wall, so it is easy to remove.

5 colors × 1 piece
Shell button: Akoya shell
Needle: Stainless steel, brass plating

Total length: about 14 mm, shell button diameter: about 12 mm, needle foot: about 7 mm, Needle thickness: about 0.6mm 5 pieces Float from the wall when
pierced 4mm Package
size: W80×H25×D60 (mm) Weight
: about 16g

Color: Irodori (45-108)

Made in
■Please note
・Shell buttons vary in thickness and warping. Therefore, the needle may appear distorted.
・Since shell buttons are made of natural materials, there are individual differences in shape, color, and surface texture. Please enjoy it as a texture.

* The image posted may differ in color and texture from the actual product due to the influence of the browser and display you are using.

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