Add joy to your everyday from Japan

These are items for everyday use. We who are born in Japan use them routinely.

Tableware, stationery, cosmetics... If we were to give examples of the things we use every day, the list would be endless. However, until we became adults, we did not notice the following: these things we use every day are infused with the Japanese peoples' painstaking care, delicacy, and cultural background.

This is the Japan that you come to understand after traveling overseas to various places and using daily necessities from around the world.

Our lives are sustained by the technology and wisdom left to us by our ancestors.
Presently, we use daily necessities that have been repeatedly improved, day after day, to match our new lifestyles.

We use items that are as follows:
practical more than gorgeous;
infused with the maker's or developer's feelings more than being cheap and convenient; and
things to which we can become attached, where that attachment was cultivated by long periods of use, more than things for which the joy of owning them will disappear in an instant.

Please enjoy the sources of happiness every day. Please definitely enjoy the daily necessities that are introduced by Gute Gouter!

Gute Gouterは作り手の想いを届けます。


食器、文具、化粧品... 毎日使うものを上げればキリがないけれど、こういうものに、日本人としての




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