COHANA Kohana Shell Button Flower Push Pin Toro


A shell button with a slight gloss and a unique shine of rainbow color. A delicate golden needle made from "Akoya,", which is known as a shellfish to grow pearls, and a delicate golden needle made of a needle production area Hiroshima and tailored to the push pin.
When stabbing on a cork board or wall, it is a lovely love that flowers bloomed.
It is easy to remove as it is floating from the wall.

5 colors × 1 each each

Shellfish button: Akoya shell
Needle: stainless steel, brass plating

Total length: about 14mm, shell button diameter: about 12mm, needle foot: about 7mm, needle weight: about 0.6mm 5 pieces
4 mm floating from the wall when stabbing
Package size: W80 x H25 × D60 (mm)
Weight: about 16g

Color: Iro (45-108)

made in Japan

■ Please be careful
· The shell button varies in thickness and warpage. Therefore, the needle may appear to be distorted.
· Because the shell button is a natural material, there are individual differences in shape, color and surface texture. Please enjoy as a texture.

※ The image of the published may cause an error in color and texture with actual products due to your browser and display.

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