Cohana Kohana Tonbo Ball Waitness and Hinoki Pinctin Necklace Set

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Glass-bead marking pin and cypress pincushion necklace set

You can enjoy this item as a pincushion or as an accessory.

Set contents: glass-bead marking pin, cypress pincushion necklace

Package size: W107×H45×D107 (mm)
Weight: about 43g
[Glass-bead marking pin]
Materials: glass, nickel plating, steel
Total length: about 33 - 35mm
Glass-bead diameter: about 5mm
Thickness: about 0.5mm
(The length of the pin may vary slightly depending on the welding of the glass bead.)
[Cypress pincushion necklace]
Materials: Pedestal: wood Fabric: cotton Stuffing: polyester Tag and cord: cowhide
Diameter: about 33mm Height: about 35mm
Made in Japan

■Please note
[Glass-bead marking pin]
You cannot choose the color or design.
Moreover, we will be unable to carry out returns or exchanges because the color or design differs from the images. We seek your understanding.
As the item is handmade, please enjoy variations in size of design as part of the feeling.
[Cypress pincushion necklace]
As the pedestal uses natural wood, the color and grain may differ from item to item.

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