Cohana Kohana Brass Bamboo 30cm


Takehi no Bamboo 30cm
A bamboo tape that lets you see the people who sees.
Bamboo Taei features are also called "stars" that can be read from both vertical and horizontal views.
I laser engraved with the stars and ticks.
Laser engraving can read ticks and stars clearly, and it is characteristic that it is difficult to fade.
Add a loose aluminum on the surface, put in a part of the stars, and are particular about "Takenai Rice".

■ Bamboo tape
Marui Techno (Ichirei)
Production area: Tochigi prefecture

"Ichirei" is a measuring instrument brand that Marui Techno of Tochigi is developed by the concept of "Plus one needed by all people involved in the making of things".
The craftsman's hand is added to each one and one.
Marui Techno's predecessor was 1959 Founded Marui meter.
The production technology has been highly evaluated overseas, and the wisdom and know-how that has been cultivated so far is also available to "Bamboo Taipei".

Package size (differs from the size of the main unit)

Material: Brass
made in Japan

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