# Sheer Stone Limited Pilot Eraser Color Pen Friction Color's 5 Color Set SFC-75MCS-5C


# Sheer Stone Pilot Erasable Color Pen Friction Colorers 5 Color Set

Link coordinates for adults with a light -colored stone pattern
The popular stationery brand "MONO", "Campus", "Dr.Grip", and "Frixion" are a dream collaboration!
Limited "Sheer Stone" with a pattern of Yurukawa adult link coordinates☆
Friction Colors is a color pen that disappears when rubbed.

Type: 5 color set with color sinpen paper package (FSC authentication paper) that disappears when rubbed
Push trace width: 0.6mm (middle character)
Axis: PP
Cap: PC
Ink: Friction Ink
Color: Baby Pink / Emerald Green / Gray / Lavender / Sky Blue

* The number is limited because it is a limited item. There is no restock after sold out.
* CAMPUS is a registered trademark of Kokuyo Co., Ltd.
"Dr.Grip" and "Frixion" are registered trademarks of Pilot Corporation.

please note
* The color disappears when the handwriting is dried and then rubbed with a special rubber.
* Do not use it for those that do not disappear, such as certificates and addresses.
* Do not place in direct sunlight or where it is hot. If the temperature is more than 60 ° C, the ink will be colorless.
* At around -10 ° C, the erased handwriting may return.
* Do not use for writing other than paper.
* Depending on the type of paper such as heat paper and the characteristics of the printed matter, it may not be suitable for erasing.
* If you rub it with dirt on the eraser rubber, the paper will be dirty. Please use it after removing dirt such as wiping.

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