Rakui HANA stamp set chess


Luo Kui Hana
Chess stamp set

(Introduction of the following products, the Hanko · Printed Writer Kurai (Lakui) is used as it is)

The beginning of the idea was a photo of the notebook that the follower tagged with Instagram.
Pattern and open manley notebook.
The schedule and diary are written, and the margin is a violet palm and various palms, but when there is a calendar mass eye was seen like "chess board".

"Sometime Surely from this Mass OK"

Such words came to heard, and it was the beginning of 2020.
It was quite satisfied, and the Memories series has been exceeded.

Six chess pieces.
So I think that futo is a six set set, but just just tracing the chess motif as it is, it is not enough.
Introduction Messages that float do not transmit.
I was able to improve my gohoker, and I was able to make it a bribe like a day of day.

In the end of the last 6 kinds of "piece"
"shooting star"
"Cats and girls running chessboard"
Added to a set of 10 points.
The message "someday ..." is also shortened as "One Day" and in the picture.

The product name was "chess" as a shop that the customer is easy to check and it is easy for the store to be handled.

Chess is just the only foot of the image.
As I wanted to draw without being irritated by the origin and meaning of the piece itself, the big cross pattern of Bishop changed to the wind of the wind turbine.

Two "Harbird", "Shiba".
It is interesting because these three are separate.
Even though it is very small, combining with other piece of pieces, it is surprisingly created a depth of painting.
You can play composition on paper.
Small stars will work compared to the single piece of pieces.
Please take a look at the placement with a variety of combinations.

One attention point is that this Hanko has many "face" with ink, so it is noticeable depending on the paper.
Especially in the case of thin paper as a notebook. This is a notebook and the character tends to be back through, so why is the picture of this kind of side.
Just up to "Paper" and "Ink" will be different.
If you are worried about your ink, try to try bright color and water-soluble pigment system ink.
By the way, all the ink used in the picture is an oil-based pigment ink.

Queen 30 × 22 × height 29 mm
Chessboard (Cat and girl who rushes above) 30 × 47 × height 29 mm
King 30 x 24 × height 29 mm
Porn 30 x 20 × height 29 mm
Luke 30 x 15 × height 29 mm
Shopping star 8 × 15 × height 29 mm
Horizontal 1 12 x 15 × height 29 mm
Starbird 2 10 x 15 × height 29 mm
Night 30 × 24 × height 29 mm
Bishop 30 x 20 × height 29 mm

Hanko material red rubber recycled wood

Outer box specification
Materials uptake board paper and letterpress printing
Outside size 174 x 108 × 32 mm

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