Sailor SHIKIORI Shikiori Fountain Pen Rain Sound -Spring Spring/Midori/Midori/Sorasu/Freezing Rain


SHIKIORI -This is a fountain pen of [Rain sound] in the four season woven -series.

[rain sound]
A series that overlaps the plants that change throughout the season and the scenes after the rain and rain.

A plant that sprouts in the spring, grows in summer, grows in the fall, and sleeps in winter.
The rain that makes a noise on the vegetation. Water droplets glow, and rain blures visibility.
Various rains that change depending on the season.
Beautiful Japanese with delicate sensitivity. "Shitoshi", "Putsu" and "Harahara".
Megumi of rain dew moisturizes living things.

What is [SHIKIORI -Shiki Weaving-]
It is a writing instrument series that feels the four seasons woven by the nature of Japan.
The repeated season is a continuation of an instant. For more than a thousand years ago, people have been singing seasonal scenes.
In order to enrich your daily life, we will deliver the naturally blessed Japanese season as a colorful writing instrument.
Even if you look at the same color, the scenery you envision is individual. Spin your season.

| Variation |

Harusame 11-3059-301
Midori rain 11-3059-302
Kirizame 11-3059-303
Frozen rain 11-3059-304

Character width medium and fine MF
Pen tip 21 gold / medium size
Double use of method converter and cartridge
Pen tip finish bicolor
Lid plug / tap: PMMA resin
Lid, torso, large tip: as resin / mat processing finish
Metal parts gold IP finish
Body size diameter 17 x 124mm (including clip part)
Body weight 16.8g
Weight 130g


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