Sailor Shiki Ori SHIKIORI Ameonnon Cartridge Ink for Fountain Pen


Cartridge ink for fountain pen

The repeated season is a continuation of an instant. For more than a thousand years ago, people have been singing seasonal scenes.
In order to enrich your daily life, we will deliver the naturally blessed Japanese season as a colorful writing instrument.
Even if you look at the same color, the scenery you envision is individual.
Spin your season (time).
A writing instrument series that feels the four seasons, woven by the nature of Japan.

| Variation |

Shito 13-0350-221
Zaza 13-0350-222
Harahara 13-0350-223
Putsu 13-0350-224

Ink water -based dye
Body size 6.5 x 49.5mm
Body weight about 1.5g

PP resin / paper case
Package size 35 x 13 x 65mm
Weight about 14.5g

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