ZEBRA MILDLINER Mile Liner Brush 35 Color Set New Color


Zebra Mile Liner Brush 35 Color Set

A mild -colored line marker
Because it is a gentle and gentle shade, it can be noticeable without disturbing the markings and diaries.
This item is a 35 color set.
It's more expensive than buying it in roses♪

・ WKT7-5C-RC-N relaxed mild color (with 5 colors)
・ WKT7-5C-NC-N Shibu Mild Color (with 5 colors)
・ WKT7-5C-N slightly fluorescent (5 colors)
・ WKT7-N-5C-N familiar Mild color (with 5 colors)
・ WKT7-5C-HC-N Suitable Mild Color (with 5 colors)
・ WKT7-5C-YC gentle mild color (with 5 colors)
・ WKT7-5C-NTC Natural Mild Color (with 5 colors)

It is convenient because it is easy to use on markings and lines that are easy to use, and fine characters that are easy to use for figures and illustrations.

| Package changes |
The purchased products will be shipped from the old package, but will be switched to new packages sequentially.
Customers cannot specify the package design.
Please understand.

Ink water -based pigments
Thickness of the line 4mm / fine 1.0 to 1.4mm
Cotton style
Thick and small
Old package size: Approximately 143x width 61X thickness 17.2mm
New package size: Approximately 206X width 93X thickness 18mm

* Package design is subject to change without notice.

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