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Coffee gift set S size drip coffee 8 times with postcard Ori cafe shop hamming order


A set of original blend coffee drip bags with the No. 1 order rate at ORICAFE and original postcard sets attached to SHOP HAMMING's workshop.
The point is the original design by the creator of Humming.
Wrap and deliver!
Please use it for year -end gifts, middle gifts and gifts.

set content:
Drip coffee ART-DP-101 Bach 2 bags
Drip coffee ART-DP-102 Mozart 2 bags
Drip coffee ART-DP-103 Beethoven 4 bags
One original postcard (design is left to you.)
*Wrapping, bonito, and hand -handed paper bags will be attached for free.

Product name: Regular coffee (powder)
Raw Bean Producer Name: Colombia, Brazil and others
Contents: 10g (1 cup) x 8 bags
How to save coffee: Avoid high -temperature and humidity and store it in a cool place.
Precautions for use: Use as soon as possible after opening.
How to ground: Medium -thin ground
Illustrated by: NPO Corporate Hiki Gakuen Work continuation Support B Type Humming belong to: Mai & Daiki

please note
・ Please note that the color and shape of the decoration string attached to the box are not as shown in the image.
・ We will deliver it like an image. There is no need to order separately.
・ Please specify the name of the bonito in the shopping basket.
・ If you do not need a bonito, we will deliver a decorative string to the box.

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