OSCOLABO Stamp Hosoji Message Short Cursive MESSE09


OSCOLABO Stamp Hosoji Message (Short) / Greetings 
Light message stamp in cursive fine print.

For you

Size Approx. 6.9 × 30mm
Material: Rubber (stamp), wood

Product Features

  • Make it easy to send a thoughtful message in Japanese
  • Pick from common phrases for adding to cards and greetings
  • Comes with a wooden handle and rubber stamp
  • Customize your Hosoji with your own personal message
  • The perfect gift for someone who loves communicating creatively

Osco Labo Stamps

Traditional stamps are difficult to use and can be messy. But, even if you're not fluent in Japanese, you can still communicate with loved ones, friends, and colleagues with ease. With this Rubber Stamp Hosoji Message by OSCOLABO, you can easily stamp your message onto letters, cards, or any other paper medium.

The Rubber Stamp Hosoji Message is an easy way to send a quick note in Japanese without worrying about proper grammar or spelling. This handy rubber stamp is perfect for personal use or giving as a gift. Just choose your favorite phrase, print it on paper, and stamp away!

The wooden handle makes it easy to grip, and the rubber stamp pad ensures clean, crisp prints every time. This stamp set includes six phrases that are commonly used in Japan: "Hello," "Thanks", "For you," "Dear","From".  Size Approx 6.9 x 30mm.

So, add some personality to your correspondence with RUBBER STAMP HOSOJI MESSAGE BY OSCOLABO!


OSCOLABO is a laboratory of the Hankoya Company which was founded in 1918. They are always developing new designs encouraging the users to create original work every time they use a stamp.

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