OSCOLABO スタンプ こぎん刺し 細短 KOGINSS


Kogin -zashi
I made a stamp with the motif of the folk art embroidery "Kogin-zashi" (basic shape) and creative designs that have been handed down from ancient times in Tsugaru.
Please enjoy the infinite world depending on the combination.

Product Description

Japanese kogin embroidery is a beautiful and intricate art form, but it can be hard to create the same level of detail with your own hand stitching.

Even if you're not an expert sewer, you can create stunning kogin embroidery designs with OSCO LABO STAMPS. These rubber stamps are pre-printed with gorgeous motifs, so all you have to do is stamp them onto your fabric and start stitching!

With OSCO LABO STAMPS, anyone can create professional-quality kogin embroidery designs in minutes. These uniquely designed stamps provide an easy and fun way to add beautiful kogin embroidery patterns to any project – gift cards, gift wrap, journals and posters. With so many different designs to choose from, the possibilities are endless!


OSCOLABO is the shortened name for ‘Oscar’s laboratory’ (laboratory = lab) the new name given to the Hankoya Co., founded in 1918. The stamps work with the creativity of the user, the ideas and ingenuity of the person who works with the Hanko makes things never done before

Osco Labo is always developing new designs, exploring new concepts every day.

Product Features

  • Attractive and fun way to spread messages
  • Helps with creative thinking and problem solving
  • Can be used in various ways on clothes, paper, furniture
  • Stamps are great as presents too
  • Unique product that is both fun and functional

(* is OSCOLABO's original design)
Size Approx. 9 x 14 mm
Material: Rubber (stamp),

If you use ink that can be used for wooden cloth products, the usage will be further expanded ♪

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