OSCOLABO Hosoji Message MESSE08


OSCOLABO Stamp Hosoji Message (Short) /

Light message stamp in fine print.

Thank you
for you

Size (common) Approx. 6.9 x 30 mm
Material: Rubber (stamp),

Wood Product Features 6 common phrases

that make it easy to send compassionate messages in Japanese
Choose from
Wooden handles and rubber stamps
Customize your Hosoji with your own personal message Great for
gifts for those who love creative communication

traditional stamps are hard to use and cumbersome It may be. However, even if you are not fluent in Japanese, you can easily communicate with your loved ones, friends and colleagues. This rubber stamped fine print message from OSCOLABO makes it easy to stamp your message on letters, cards, or other paper media.

Rubber Stamp Hosoji Message is an easy way to send simple notes in Japanese without worrying about correct grammar and spelling. This handy rubber stamp is perfect for personal use or gift gifts. Choose your favorite phrase, print it on paper and stamp it!

The wooden handle is easy to grip and the rubber stamp pad ensures a clean and crisp print every time. This stamp set contains 6 phrases commonly used in Japan: "Hello", "Thank you", "Thank you", "Dear", "From", and "Size approx. 6.9 x 30mm". Correspondence with RUBBER STAMP HOSOJI MESSAGE BY OSCOLABO!


OSCOLABO OSCOLABO is a research institute of Hankoya Company, which was established in 1918. We are creating a new design that encourages users to create their own original work each time they use the stamp.

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